What’s All the Buzz about Magnets?

Ever since Dr. Oz promoted the use of magnets on his popular TV show recently, more and more people are asking about the use of magnetic devices for health.  Using magnets to promote good health is nothing new!  In fact, the use of magnets as medical devices has been commonplace in some cultures for over 4000 years.  In China magnetic lodestones were used to treat yin and yang imbalances.  Hindu texts from around 1500 BCE discuss the treatment of diseases with magnetic instruments.  In the 1500s, William Gilbert, the Court Physician to the Queen of England, treated his patients with magnets.  Japan is definitely the world leader in magnetic research and they use magnets as a standard part of health care and prevention.  The World Health Organization ranks Japan as #1 in the world in terms of both longevity and quality of health.

A growing interest in restorative and preventative medicine has put magnetic energy in the public eye in the Western world more and more over the past 15 years.  Because of this, the number of magnetic devices on the market has increased dramatically so  ‘buyer beware’.  Be sure to ask for a simple kinesiology demonstration to demonstrate how your body responds to a particular product.

The most common question that people ask about magnetic health devices is “How do they work?”  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.  The magnetic fields created by an effective magnetic device work mostly on a cellular level.  Scientific research indicates that when bathed in a magnetic field, most enzyme reactions occur more efficiently and at higher rates of speed.  Since cells power themselves and complete their assigned functions via enzyme reactions, magnetic fields seem to ‘motivate’ cells to operate in a more efficient and rapid manner.  Thus, cells that produce new cells, make chemicals, repair damage, or perform any task in your body, will do those things better and faster when exposed to a properly designed magnetic field.

Magnets were first used in China as a method to balance yin and yang, or body energy (also know as ‘chi’ or ‘ki’).  Much like acupressure and acupuncture, which stimulate critical energy points physically, magnetic fields can stimulate the energy flow of these points as well.  One advantage of magnetic stimulation over physical stimulation is that magnetic fields can affect large areas quickly, and do not require the targeting of specific points.  Magnets can be worn on the body for extended periods of time, giving the result of a much longer treatment than would be possible with acupressure or acupuncture.  Magnetic stimulation of reflexology points in the feet, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the entire body, can be achieved by wearing shoe inserts.  A safe, effective magnetic pattern will supply 100% magnetic coverage so that the area it is placed on receives consistent long term benefits.

Probably the most effective way to improve overall well-being and reduce stress is to sleep on a magnetic sleep system.  Such an environment can increase the quality and duration of sleep which is critical because, during sleep, the body does most of its ‘repair’ work.  There are also vital brain chemicals that are only released when deep sleep is achieved.  Given the ‘right stuff’ the body has an inherent self-healing mechanism.  Because the magnets relax the muscles, optimize enzyme reactions, and increase blood flow, the body’s ability to detoxify and rejuvenate itself is enhanced.

Athletes (including the 4 legged ones) can use magnetic devices to increase performance and decrease the time it takes for the body to recovery from strenuous activity.  Even the agricultural community is finding that cows equipped with magnetic collars produce more milk; hens given magnetized water lay higher quality (and quantity) eggs; etc.

Since the number one cause of disease in North America is stress, using properly designed magnetic devices to reduce stress makes common and economic sense.  By sleeping on a magnetic mattress, wearing magnetic insoles in your shoes, and wearing a magnetic necklace or bracelet you can reduce tension and improve your overall sense of wellbeing – all with no effort on your part, and no negative side effects!!  May you never know what you have prevented!

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