What is Vital to Our Wellbeing?

The dictionary describes ‘vital’ as “concerned with, or necessary to, the maintenance of life.

maggie vital

So what are those vitals in our lives?

Let’s take a quick quiz:What can we not live without?

How long can you live without air?

How long can you survive without water?

How about food?

And what about sleep?

These elements are vital to the survival and health of our bodies.  Plus, something we don’t often think about is also vital:  the natural energies of our planet that nourish our bodies.  What are they?  The magnetic field of the earth; the full spectrum and far infra-red energy of the sun; and the negative ion effect of healthy air.

In my next posts I will focus on each of these VITAL aspects individually.  Please let me know what you are most interested in.

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