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Take Charge of Your Future

Robert Kiyosaki, in his new book, The Business of the 21st Century, forces the question, “Are you angry at the corruption in the corporate world, at Wall  Street, and the big banks, at the government for doing too many of the  wrong things and not enough of the right things? Or are you angry at yourself for not taking control of your finances sooner? What  are you going to do about it? Moaning and groaning about the economy or  blaming others won’t secure your financial future. If you want wealth,  you need to create it. You need to take charge of your future by taking  control of your income source – today! You need your own business.”

The Perfect Business

Not All Home-based Businesses Are Created Equal

Have  you ever thought about starting a home-based business? Perhaps you have  but were overwhelmed by all the offerings on the Internet. Some of  those are good legitimate opportunities but many are shady at best and  some are downright scary.

Maybe  you tried a home-based business and failed, or at least did not have  the success you desired. Think about this: If you go out to eat and have  a bad experience, you don’t stop going out to eat, you choose a  different location. Change the location and you change the experience.

We  can help you do that. We think you will agree that, in order to  increase your chances of success, it makes sense to have a coach or  mentor to guide you through the challenges and pitfalls of starting your  own business.

We  are a group of business and medical professionals who, together with  our teams, have generated over 2 billion dollars in sales with over 800  million dollars being paid out in commissions. We are currently in our  most focused growth phase and we offer the coaching and mentoring  necessary to succeed in this turbulent time of economic stress and  uncertainty. As we continue to expand, we offer to you our  proven systems, plus the coaching and mentoring necessary to help you  achieve success. If you decide to partner with us, our coaching and  mentoring are free. Your low-cost investment with our joint venture  partner, the supplier, gives you the tools you need to demonstrate and  recommend this home-based wellness business.

The Nikken Business

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Is Nikken For You?

Here is what we offer:

1. A step-by-step business-building process tailored to each person’s skill set, personality, and ambition.

2. Free access to professional leaders who will match your effort with superior support, mentoring and training.

3. The  support of a veteran team with over one hundred twenty years of  experience whose expertise will enhance your ability to develop  proficiency in the critical areas of home-based business.

4. A  partnership with a solid, progressive 42 year old wellness technology  giant with less than 1% market penetration in North America. This  multi-billion dollar research and development company is on the cutting edge of product development and they offer complete back office support  from which to build a global business.

5. The  assurance that the products you represent make a real difference in the lives of others. Your income is a result of marketing products that are not just good for you but that are vital to your health.

6. A turn-key operation ready for you!

We  will take you through a complete evaluation process before you decide whether this business is right for you.

First,  we will schedule a one hour appointment. We begin with a few key  questions, and then share with you who we are and what we do. You will  then have an opportunity to ask any questions you like. This is a mutual discovery process that allows us to determine if we would like to extend a partnership offering to you, and for you to decide if this might be a fit.

If  you like what you see, we continue with the next stages of discovery.  This is a pressure-free evaluation time so that you can complete your  due diligence:

1. Business Overview

2. Wellness Product Demonstration

3. Wellness/Business event to meet other business partners who will share the benefit they  have obtained from participation with us.

4. Decision stage

If, at the end of this process there is a mutual fit, we can move forward with getting you started.

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