My Journey

In 1995, I was offered an opportunity to change my life!  I had been hurting for over 30 years at that point and had tried every alternative and traditional solution available, including major back surgery that resulted in 14 months in a body cast as my recovery ‘sentence’.  Even after that very invasive procedure, I still hurt until a very dear friend, who was also a health care professional, introduced me to a concept from Japan called the Nikken wellness home.  By putting my body in a total wellness environment, I was soon pain free for the first time in decades.

Another area of ‘pain’ for me was financial.  I had been an educator since 1969 and never seemed to get ahead in terms of planning for my future, especially with two brilliant sons who spent many years in university.  I was also painfully aware that I was paying more income tax than I needed to because I had no write-offs.  When I realized that I could help myself, both physically and financially, with a Nikken home based business AND help others do the same, I was intrigued.

I had very little time to devote to a business.  I was not only teaching full-time at the post-secondary level, I was also developing new curriculum, training instructors, and a full-time post grad student at a university that was 500 miles from where I lived.  In my ‘spare time’, I was an active hospice volunteer and a participant in a number of personal development programs.

What I discovered is that passion is a huge motivation and I was truly passionate.  I had found a solution that I had been seeking for such a long time and I knew others must be interested in what I had to offer.  So, in the cracks of time between studying, teaching, volunteering, etc. I was able to build a team of other excited business partners who were seeking freedom as well.

Initially, my goal was to make an additional $500 a month for my retirement but I soon discovered that what I as building had a huge job-dropping potential.  Consequently, 3 years later, I left my tenured position at the college to pursue my passion, not my pension!!

I have never regretted that decision, even through all the challenges of building a successful business.  I am so in love with the idea of putting wheels under the dreams of those who desire more in their lives in all areas that what I do rarely seems like work!!  I not only get to celebrate my own successes, I am able to support and mentor others to reach their goals and celebrate with them!!

What a way to make a living!

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