What if you could live your life on purpose every day and offer others the chance to do the same?  What would that change for you and in you?  How would you become more of the person who want to be in the world?

My mission is to help as many people as possible create abundance and balance in their lives so that the world is a shinier, more loving place for everyone!  I am so proud to be part of Nikken’s mission to do just that.

How have I become more? Let me count the ways.  When I began my Nikken journey, I was hurting on so many levels and tolerating that pain because I didn’t see any way out.  I had tried to get physical relief.  I had worked hard but financial abundance seemed to keep eluding me.  I wanted better relationships with my friends and family but was often too burned out to be able to create that.  I wanted to do more for my community but, again, energy and time were sadly lacking. And my mind was often focused on what I didn’t want.

My life couldn’t be more different now!  I am pain-free both physically and financially and I have the time and energy to build and enjoy my relationships.  I have time to give back in whatever capacity I choose and my mind is focused on abundance instead of lack.  I truly believe this is our natural state of being and that everyone can create that.  Is it easy?  No! Is it worthwhile?  Definitely!!

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