Is your drinking water properly labeled? If not, why are you drinking it?

Let me explain why it is not a good idea to drink just any water, especially tap water and bottled water.

We live in an acidic world – and I’m not taking about your Aunt Mimi talking behind your back because she is jealous of your red BMW convertible!

No, I’m talking about the environment that we live and work in every day. We have removed ourselves so far from Nature that it is almost impossible for our poor bodies to stay healthy and vital. There are lots of environmental factors that impact our health such as how food, water, exercise and even computers stress and acidify our bodies. But let’s start with water since the human body is at least 70% water and needs to be replenished daily with not only the right amount of water but the kind of water that the body recognizes as ‘vital’.

What if you could have both – the right amount and the right kind of water so that day after day your body has the ‘liquid fuel’ to run the ‘machine’.

You’ve probably seen lots of ads on line for water treatment systems that offer ‘perfect health’. I can help you do a cost-benefit analysis in your research.

Here are some key points to consider…

Look for a ‘point of use’ system – that means one that treats the water right where you are filling your glass. Otherwise the ‘filtered’ water still has to travel through pipes and faucets of questionable purity or sit in plastic bottles of questionable quality absorbing unhealthy chemicals that burden the body.
Check the NSF or WQA filtration results for the product.
Ask for the ‘alkaline’ level of the water and the Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP) as well. Ideal alkalinity is between 8.5 and 9.5. Higher than that can be just as unhealthy as acidic water!
Find out what the initial cost of the unit PLUS the replacement parts over a 5 year period. This will allow you to determine the cost per litre and compare that to other options.
Determine what you are willing to pay for the unit based on the quality of what you are looking for.
Check the warranty on the unit and the level of service provided/
Avoid units that require electricity as this can interfere with the quality of the water as well as create problems if electricity is unavailable or interrupted.
Taste the water first!! And, if possible, have a ‘body energy’ test done.
The time and effort that you invest in your research will result in peace of mind when you purchase the unit that is right for you.

Since 1995 I have been partnered with the Japan Health Research Institute (founded in 1975). Their research and development in the area of water has revolutionized how we understand hydration. My health has improved substantially because of incorporating their solutions into my everyday life. Clean, vitalized, alkaline, pi-mag water is a major component of that regime.

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