Don’t Breathe the Air?

maggie- airBreathing could be hazardous to your health says the WHO.

Air pollution is estimated to cause around two million premature deaths worldwide per year, with over half of this burden borne by developing countries.   And, the fourth leading cause of environmental cancer is air pollution!

The WHO recently unveiled its new Air Quality Guidelines, which featured dramatically lower standards for levels of pollutants.

The WHO believes that reducing levels of a type of pollutant known as PM10 could reduce deaths in polluted cities by as much as 15 per cent every year. The Air Quality Guidelines also substantially lower the recommended limits of ozone and sulphur dioxide.

The guidelines address all regions of the world for the first time, providing uniform targets for air quality that are far tougher than the national standards currently applied in many countries.

Dr Maria Neira, WHO Director of Public Health and the Environment, says ‘action to reduce the direct impact of air pollution will help to reduce the global burden of disease, and cut emissions of gases which contribute to climate change.’

In the meantime, you can support these guidelines and help to improve the air quality in your immediate environment – your home.  A little known fact is that the air inside your home is more polluted than the air outside!  With a proper air treatment system, you can enjoy a cleaner, more refreshing atmosphere, with air as fresh as the great outdoors to help you and your family breathe the right kind of air – the air Nature intended us to breathe.   In my next article I will outline what to look for in an home air unit.

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